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What does do?

» This website connects people who have interesting and desirable telephone numbers with people, professionals or corporations who need those numbers.

» There are thousands of telephone numbers which are in high demand and difficult to get.

» Most people with valuable numbers don't even know that they have them. If you look at your telephone keypad you will find that the numbers 2 through 9 have three or four letters under each number. Therefore, many 7 digit telephone numbers will spell something. Our databases were programmed to tell you if your telephone number may spell something of value.

» See what your telephone number spells. Punch your 7 digit number in the appropriate space and see what it spells.

» If you do not recognize what is spelled by our results, check the business pages of your local telephone book. When you find the spelling in the phone book, think of all the diverse people in that industry who may want that number. They could be manufacturers, distributors, sales people, service people, executives and a host of others connected to the industry.

What are valuable numbers?

» Valuable numbers are those numbers which spell business names, professional names, products and services, occupations, city, state and country names, government agencies and their acronyms etc.
Below find a short list of great telephone numbers and what they spell.

246-8378 = TO INVEST
226-5663 = BANK ONE
225-5222 = CALL CAB
227-7387 = CARPETS
386-3464 = FUNDING
468-5463 = HOTLINE
667-8424 = MORTGAGE
639-9675 = NEW YORK
737-8423 = SERVICE
529-6278 = WALMART
452-9937 = 4 LAWYER
237-8289 = BEST BUY
227-3377 = CAREERS
348-6377 = FITNESS
478-2277 = GR8 CARS
539-3579 = JEWELRY
638-5433 = MET LIFE
758-6237 = PLUMBER
847-5463 = TIP LINE
936-6838 = WE MOVE U

» As well, any easy to remember numbers have value. Numbers such as:

» Toll free or what is known as 800 numbers can be especially desirable, if they spell something valuable.
Some desirable numbers may not even fill all 7 digits. They may be only 4, 5 or 6 digits. A sample of this could be 456-CARS or CARS123. This would be a number a car dealership or car salesperson would want.

» Other desirable numbers maybe 8, 9 or 10 letters long and as soon as you punch in the first 7 digits the full name will appear. A sample of this would be CHEVROLET (243-8765). When you dial the first 7 digits of CHEVROLET you will reach your party even if you also dial the last 2 letters.

» Keep in mind that many numbers spell nothing at all or at least nothing of any value.
Then again other numbers spell generic words such as dentist, doctors or lawyers. These types of numbers are in great demand because they are one of a kind in each area code. There are thousands of dentists, doctors and lawyers in each area code that would love to have such a promotional number.

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What may not be so valuable to you, may be extremely valuable to some businesses!
If you have a desirable telephone number and are willing to part with it, you may list it on our Registry. When you are listed on the Registry all those who are seeking that number will find you and compete for your number. Listing your number does not mean you must sell or lease it. Listing your number however, does invite offers and for the right price you may wish to part with that number.

Sellers or Leasers*: How to get listed on The Registry.

To list a telephone number on The Registry simply click on the "List my number" link (found on top of each page) and follow the instructions. There is a $25 listing fee which will cover a 6 month listing on the on the registry. There is an additional fee of $150USD or 15% of the final selling price (whichever is greater) so don't sell your valuable number cheap. This additional fee which covers the escrow and all verification services applies only when you actually sell your number. (See: How the transaction works below.) There is no fee to see what your number spells. You can enter as many of those as you like. So knock yourself out and have some fun! Try all your friends' numbers too!

Buyers or Leasers*: How to obtain a number listed on The Registry.

To obtain a number listed on the Registry simply click on the "Browse listings" link (found on top of each page), find the number, click on "Make an offer" and follow the instructions. All services (including account verification & escrow) are FREE of charge to the BUYER and fully guaranteed when bidding on Read below for more information on how the transaction process works.



The buyer must be secure in the knowledge that he will receive the telephone number he has paid for. As well, the seller will want to be sure that he will receive the agreed upon payment before transferring his number. To ensure that the agreement is executed properly, VanityTel, as part of the service, acts as an Escrow Agent and secures both the telephone number (from the seller) and the payment (from the buyer). When the VanityTel Escrow Service Agent is fully satisfied that both the funds and the telephone number are secured and the telephone number is in control of the buyer, then and only then are the funds transferred to the seller and the transaction deemed fully executed. The transfer is 100% guaranteed or the funds promptly returned to the buyer.

VanityTel as part of this service will also make sure that the owner of the number is actually the lawful owner and that there is no debt outstanding and connected to the number when transferred. Also as part of this service VanityTel will generate an official bill or invoice to reflect the details of the transaction.
All of the above services are free of charge to the buyer.

Transaction Process:

The VanityTel transaction process is based on the First-Price Sealed-Bid (FPSB) auction method which is very similar to VanityTel acts as the auction mediator and escrow to ensure a smooth and safe transaction.

When bidding with FPSB, you don't see your opponents' bids. VanityTel presents each offer to the seller who at his sole discretion can either accept or decline it (much in the way PriceLine presents a buyer's offer to an airline for flight tickets). In either case the buyer/bidder is notified on the outcome of his bid via email and/or by login into his online account.

The buyer's credit-card will only be charged upon a successful bid - where the seller agreed on the offered amount. Nevertheless, the funds will be held in escrow and VanityTel will only transfer the funds to the seller upon verification that the phone-number is in full control of the buyer. All financial transactions occur over a secure encrypted network for maximum protection.


Will potential buyers be restricted by the local exchange?

» The owner of a telephone number is not restricted, as in the past, to the local exchanges designated for his/her neighborhood. (A local exchange is the first 3 digits of a 7 digit number.) Below are some of the technical advances that make telephone number transfers possible nowadays:

  1. Many Telephone Companies (Telcos) offer Local Number Portability (LNP) where a number can seamlessly be transferred to another exchange. This is the preferred method where available and does not usually incur additional monthly fees.

  2. Almost all local Telcos now offer what they call Remote Call Forwarding (Single Number Reach in Canada). This means that the desired number is a virtual number held by the telephone provider, but controlled by the owner to ring at any location which the owner desires. A monthly fee may apply from the original Telco for this service.

  3. At the very least (and where the above two options are unavailable), the number can usually be transferred to a VoIP/Broadband Phone company who offers service at the original telephone location. If such is the case, the new location is completely irrelevant (so long as there's broadband Internet access) making it an excellent - if not the only - choice for international customers seeking an North American number.

» *Please note: that some jurisdictions don't allow you to sell a telephone number. You may however, lease your number. Therefore, in jurisdictions where selling isn't allowed, the transaction will be considered a 99 year lease.

Ownership: The person who owns a number technically does not actually own his/her number. All telephone numbers are a public asset. However, a person has certain rights to his number. Telephone providers are not likely to interfere with a person or enterprise obtaining a number from another party willing to part with his/her number. It is good public relations for the telephone provider to satisfy their business customers and help them in their business. As well they are sure to generate more revenues by converting residential numbers to business numbers, as well as also promoting and selling their various services such as Remote Call Forwarding. Before you list on the registry, you may want to inquire of your telephone provider if your number is indeed transferable.

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