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List your telephone number for sale or lease*...

  What may not be so valuable to you, may be extremely valuable to some businesses!

  We connect people who have interesting and desirable telephone numbers with people, professionals or corporations who need those numbers.

  If you have a desirable telephone number and are willing to part with it, you may list it on our Registry. When you are listed on the Registry all those who are seeking that number will find you and compete for your number. Listing your number does not mean you must sell it. Listing your number however, does invite offers and for the right price you may wish to part with that number. A $25.00USD listing fee applies. There is an additional fee of $150 or 15% of the final selling price (whichever is greater) so don't sell your valuable number cheap. This additional fee which covers the escrow and all verification services applies only when you actually sell your number.

Please note, at this time we can only list U.S. and Canadian telephone numbers that are currently active (in service).
*In jurisdictions where selling a number isn't allowed, the transaction will be considered a 99 year lease.

Learn more... Transaction Process Apply now:

Requirements before proceeding:   You will need...

1. your telephone account number (as it appears on your phone bill or given by your provider) along with the name of your current carrier. The account number is often different than your telephone number but may contain its seven or ten digits.

2. a valid credit card together with its expiry date, full name, billing address and the 3 digit CVR (card verification) code as it appears on the back of the card.
(Additional scrutiny measures will be placed when the name & address on the credit-card doesn't match the ones on the phone bill/account.)

3. an active email address which you can readily access.

 To list your number for sale or lease, start by entering your area-code and 7 digit phone number below:
(U.S. & Canada only)

() -   (123)-[123]-[4567] 

 Current Listing: This number is registered to a... 
Business     Residence/Person

  Specify the communications type associated with this number:

 List up to three phone spellings you wish to advertise for this number and the general category that best describes each spelling: 
(Use our spell search to determine.)
Format: Spelling field must begin with the 3 digit area-code or its 3 letter phone keypad match, for example: enter "800-SUPPORT" (for 800-787-7678), "212-WE FIX IT" (for 212-933-4948), or "SPECIALIST" (for 773-242-5478), etc. Use spaces to separate words and dashes to separate numbers.
 Spelling #1:   1-
 Spelling #2:   1-
 Spelling #3:   1-

We will also present your number & spelling to prospective buyers form industry sectors that are most similar to the category you select.


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